AI and ML: A Huge Transformation In The World of Digital Marketing

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2019 has been a transforming year for digital marketing. Using AI and ML marketers are indeed coming up with new ideas and techniques to stay ahead in the competition. Well! AI and ML have already dug their roots in the areas like eCommerce, finance, education etc… Now, it’s shaping the e-world and making it better for consumers and business.


Digital marketing has always remained in the talks. Why shouldn’t it be? The way it is transforming, it is unimaginable. And, definitely, the credit goes to the ever growing and advancing technology. When we talk about digital marketing, it is not restricted to social media marketing only, it is a giant wheel that includes SEO, web design and development, content marketing, and more. We have already witnessed one of the transformations, chatbots.


According to a report, each year 265 billion customer requests are made and businesses spend $1.3 trillion to service them. It is indeed a critical job because sometimes with a bad experience you may lose a valuable customer which may not return for any purchase in the near future. This can be reduced to 80% and spendings to 30%. Isn’t that fantastic?


The chatbot is just one, we have and are witnessing amazing inventions in the world of digital marketing. Here is how AI and ML will evolve digital marketing in 2019.


1.   Improved Customer Services:

In the new era where digital marketing world in on the verge to dive into the next level, it requires a powerful communication tool to streamline the service and increase customers’ purchasing power. There is no pinch of doubt that chatbots have quicken the customer service and made quite easy for the businesses. But what changes we will see in this year.


Chatbots will allow consumers to interact with marketers regarding content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagement. According to a source, 1.) 62% of customers are inclined to purchase online if live chat support is accessible 2.) 45% of the companies have increased website traffic by offering live chat support. The days are gone when customers have to wait for the response on their query but today they expect quick responsive service and chatbots are well-designed for that. It can easily handle huge user engagement and follow-up messages smoothening customer service.


2.   Efficiency in Content Creation and Curation:

Have you ever thought that technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will take over the world of content? No. But yes, it is true. Surprisingly the bulk of content creation is repetitive in various manners, concurrently, machine learning has improved and can type to the point content without using human intelligence. Hence, it clearly states that now we can trust machines for precise write-ups. This thing is already brought into the constitution. Al drafts reports and news based on the information it receives. Kudos to this amazing technology.


When it comes to content marketing, first thing first, content should be curated. AI and other relevant application software(s) will scan Google and draft the most relevant content automatically. Also, we will see news changes in email marketing. AI will allow marketers to draft auto-generated emails giving a personal touch to every recipient based on their interest. Last year, one of the top content marketing companies, Vestorly launched AI content guide which includes content curation features that match human intelligence more efficiently and hike user-engagement rates.


3.   Voice search will be a tradition:

You’ve heard it right, voice search is going to take over the ordinary search. You won’t believe? Here are some examples; Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. These voice assistant are extremely efficient on voice commands. For instance, if you want to pay utility bills through your smartphone, you only need to give commands and your task will be done immediately without any hassle. Sources say that every day 3.5 billion voice search is made on Google alone. Hence, you can imagine the numbers of voice search in other channels like Youtube where the number of views and visits is extremely high per day.


Thinking from digital marketing perspective voice search has a long way and its impact is phenomenal. We can certainly say this because even kids simply open Google or Youtube and use voice to search. In the year 2019, we can witness voice search on the websites. Businesses will take a step ahead and definitely integrate voice search with their website. After all, customer experience is their one and only priority to rule this competitive world.


4.   Better UX for Web:

Unlike the early days when the internet was born, websites were meant for displaying the company name and contact details, nothing else. With the advancements in technology, website design and development came into existence. It has a unique phase. It designed and developed perceiving users’ viewpoint and Google protocols. Websites also have integrated AI and ML and the results are incomparable.


Reports say when AI is available, 49% are willing to shop more often while 34% will increase their spending and 38% will share their experience with family and friends. Digging deep, web development is moving ahead and turning mobile. Apparently, 90% of users time is spent on mobile, browsing, mobile apps, listening to music, etc. So, businesses have turned the web into mobile for a better experience. Though we have seen chatbots in web for better customer service and user personalization, there’s a lot more AI and ML has in its bag for web. With the upsurge of big data and artificial intelligence, there are immense possibilities in digital marketing. Better marketing campaigns will help businesses get better ROI insights, increase upsell and cross-selling, personalized product recommendation, etc.


Ending Note

We all are looking forward to how artificial intelligence will transform the digital marketing world. Regardless to say, businesses will gain good profit out of it. Hope you find the blog useful! Do comment below and share your thoughts.


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